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Google Account Recovery Date of Birth

Google account recovery with the date of birth

Google users often end up losing the password of their accounts and then get bothered because they are not able to log in their accounts. Since so many users complain of losing the password of their accounts hence Google provides a few methods of recovering the lost password of the accounts. To find out how scroll below. 

Methods to recover the lost password of Google 

These days a lot of us make multiple accounts on several online platforms and while logging in, we end up losing the password of the account. If you also have forgotten the password and don't know what to do next then take the help of methods like Google account recovery date of birth or email/phone number. 

Google account Recovery with the date of birth 

Most of us don't have access to either of the recovery information and in that case, the user can use its alternative. Suppose if you don't remember the recovery email id and the phone number then in such cases prefer answering the security questions such as date of birth. 

Steps of recovering the lost password with the date of birth 

  • To recover the lost password of Google, open the sign-in page, and click on the forgot password option. 
  • Now pick any one option of recovering lost password on the recovery page. 
  • Before moving to the next step, make sure to enter the username with which you log in the account. 
  • Google will ask you a few questions that you must have set while signing up for the account. 
  • Answer those basic questions related to your account which also includes the date of birth. And once you have answered all the questions, wait till Google verifies the authenticity of your account. 
  • In case all the answers are correct then now you can easily set a new password. Re-enter the password to confirm and hence you will be done!

Thus with the help of the Google account recovery date of birth method, the user can easily recover the forgotten password. In case of any doubt, contact the customer care team of Google.

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